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New SMF Kit and Service Kit Part Numbers

published on: 05/04/13

From the beginning of April 2013, National’s part numbers for SMF kits and SMF Service kits have been changed with new suffixes added.

Suffix F = Flywheel Kit (Clutch kit with Single Mass Flywheel)

Suffix S = Service Kit (Clutch kit without the flywheel)

We believe this change will help to clarify to our customers what the clutch kit reference contains.

For example, in March we introduced the following new kits:

SMF Kit: CK9983F Audi A4, A6 TDi  (Service Kit: CK10038S)

SMF Kit: CK10006F VAG TDi  (Service Kit: CK9946S)

Full application details can be found in our latest online SMF Kit catalogue here and this is where you'll also find details of the rest of our SMF kit range and the newly introduced part numbers.